A Botanical Wonderland

I’ve never had the desire to go to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens or any Botanical gardens for that matter. You’re probably wondering, why did you go and further more why the heck did you write about it?? Good questions, I’ll explain.

I received a free pass to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens as a gift for Christmas, I think. I looked at the site and thought, “oh, that’s pretty cool”. I asked Claudius if he’d want to go and he said he did but I felt he was a bit reluctant so I just kept putting it off. Then, just the other day, it hit me! Oh no! My free pass is expiring so i HAVE to use it! So, I made last minute plans with my youngest sister, Katie, to go and explore the Atlanta Botanical Gardens!

Katie is into photography so she was excited to take tons of pictures of all the cool things! I’m over here thinking, “I hate outside and I’m going to die”. Ok, maybe I wasn’t that dramatic lol! We planned to go early before it got too hot since this is Georgia and Summer has basically arrived. And just days prior to our adventure we found out that they just changed it to an Alice in Wonderland theme! We we’re SOOOOO excited! 

Today, I put on my Alice themed skirt and earrings and we started our adventure. Now I’m excited because I get to see Alice, the Cheshire Cat and a few other cool Alice themed characters! As we walk through the gardens, it’s hot but there is a breeze and it’s mostly in the shade so being outside isn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined. We worked our way through the gardens, admiring the majestic sculptures and stopping to take pictures of everything! It’s hard to pick just one favorite as they were all beautiful but for me, the Alice themed ones were AMAZING! I was surprised at how many people complemented my skirt, I guess there were quite a few Alice fans there.

I think we made it about half way through before we made a point to stop and find water, we were getting so caught up in the sculptures that we kept forgetting to try and find the snack bar. We finally found it though and stopped for some water and I got a popsicle to cool down a bit. We sat there for a few minutes chatting while I ate my popsicle and all of a sudden Katie is saying, “Is your nose bleeding??”. Yes, yes it was… I guess I got too hot but it was funny because at first she thought i had gotten popsicle on my nose! I was fine after a few minutes and we continued on our journey. Towards the end of the adventure, we had like 3 sculptures left to find and came across a group of seniors. We heard them talking about the different types of trees and plants they had spotted and realized that we hadn’t even looked at the first plant! I guess we’re those people… only there for the sculptures lol! After I realized that we hadn’t been paying attention I tried to get a few pics so I didn’t feel so bad. 

When we came to the end of our adventure we were surprised at how quickly the two and a half hours had passed. We gave each other a high five to celebrate the fact that we had made it and had barely complained about the heat at all! We were pretty impressed with ourselves! We checked out the little gift shop and saw tons of adorable Alice themed trinkets and gifts as well as quite a few cool mermaid items but we decided to be responsible and not make any purchases. Our adventure had come to a close and we were both very happy with our experience. Later we realized that we were quite sunburned and apparently pale people shouldn’t be in the sun that long without sunscreen but…lesson learned! I am definitely a fan of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and would love to go back in the Fall! If you haven’t checked it out, you definitely should!