An ODDKAST Experience - MomoCon 2019

Convention experiences can blur together sometimes. However, being able to cover MomoCon this year as part of the press allowed me to see it from a completely different perspective. 

On Friday, Jamie and I arrived at the Georgia World Congress Center and parking was a breeze, surprisingly. I have to say that it was HOT outside though. By the time we walked from the Silver parking deck to the actual entrance of the center, we were miserable. Jamie blames this on me being stingy with my air conditioner on the way there and now that I think about it, she might be right. I’m turning into my dad! Haha 

After making it inside, we picked up our press passes at Will Call and the volunteers there were so friendly and helpful. They even gave us complimentary lanyards and a guide to the convention, which had really awesome art on the cover. We then had to visit the Press Room to collect our press ribbons. The two ladies that greeted us there were very welcoming and helpful. I even bonded with one of them over a mutual appreciation for Patrick Warburton’s (who was doing an interview there later) Seinfeld character - David Putty. She was saying that younger generations know him for so many other things like Disney’s Kronk, Family Guy’s Joe Swanson, Venture Bros’ Brock Samson, and lately Lemony Snicket’s…well, Lemony Snicket, but he would always be David Putty to her. And I had to agree! Putty is hilarious. *high five* (Seinfeld reference. Ha)

Later in the day, we got to be a part of the Patrick Warburton interview and it was so cool to see him in person among other people who were also fans of his work. He had such a confident, influential, and positive demeanor. He took questions from the various media outlets. He answered each question with a lot of thought behind his lengthy responses. Everyone had some really things to ask. I had to speak up to ask my question -

If David Putty had to choose a celebratory gesture other than the high five, which one would he choose?

I gave him a few options, like the dab, the fist bump. He chose the fist bump, but said knowing Putty, it would be an awkward fist bump followed by a “sup brah”. As an avid Seinfeld fan, I can definitely see David Putty doing that. It was really nice to see that Patrick Warburton was still close to that classic character and was able to honestly tap into his Putty-ness to choose a gesture that would actually suit David Putty. 

When the interview was finished, he thanked everyone for being there and took time to snap a few pictures with some fans. One guy asked him to take a boomerang video for instagram and to do some kind of action for the camera. Guess what he chose? The awkward fist bump!! I was pretty happy with myself to know that I was a part of that decision. Jamie and I joined the line to take a picture with him, but after about four people, it was time for him to go, so a whole bunch of people decided to take a huge group photo with him and his assistant seem to be a bit irritated with people’s inconsideration, which was understandable. Needless to say, we didn’t get a picture, but the experience was great and we got video and audio of the interview, so look forward to seeing and listening to that soon. 


Patrick Warburton

MomoCon Press Conference

Coverage continued as we met up with Frank Anderson and Sheena Wiley, creators and co-producers of Georgia Box Office, which highlights the people, places, and productions that make up Georgia film. Their show can now be seen on Amazon Prime. We met up with them in the vendors hall and recorded a podcast episode for Epic Briefs Podcast, which will be out very soon, so be on the lookout for that. They were so informative and fun to talk to. We’ve been trying to get them on the podcast for a while, so when they said they had some time to record during the con, we HAD to make it happen. 


Georgia Box Office

MomoCon Vendors Hall

It was awesome to get the VIP treatment and sit in their vendor booth with them as people came up to find out more information about who they are and what they do.

The podcast episode was a lot of fun to record because though they’re very passionate about what they do, they still find time to tease and give each other a hard time in a playful way, of course. They were coming off of their weekly Throat Chop Thursday and it was now Freestyle Friday, where anything went as far physical and verbal sparring. Haha It’s important to keep things light and enjoyable, so we appreciated this a lot. We even got some Georgia Box Office t-shirt AND candy! It doesn’t get any better than that. 

Fast forward to Saturday - Chris and I decided to attend the con that day. Parking wasn’t as easy that day because they closed off all of the convenient parking decks to “pass holders only”. Why??? Anyway, after some disappointment and few colorful, expressive words, we managed to find a spot in the Sapphire lot.

Now on our way to the convention center, we passed a lot of people in cosplay. A lot more than there were on Friday. As we got into the main hall of the con, we visited the manga library, which was free and cool. By cool, I mean coooool. If you needed a place with great air flow, THAT was the spot. So, we hung out in there for a while and read a few mangas, then set up our equipment to get some con footage. 

Our time there seem to fly because we were so busy talking to people and getting pictures of everyone having a great con experience. We then decided to split up to cover some more ground as we went into the video games area, where most of the people were. There was so much to look at and shoot. From E-league players competing, Twitch streamers in special booths playing Overwatch. Amethist was there playing a few matches and kicking butt like she always does. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 3.39.21 AM.png


Overwatch Stream on Twitch

People were playing Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance, which pretty much took the place of DDR. Classic arcade games were there too - Time Crises 4! There were DJs from EBLtv doing their thing on the 1’s and 2’s, while people were playing NBA Live. Console video games were popular too - Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Dragon Ball Z, Tekken, Tetris. So many great games. It was so cool to see everyone from different walks of life coming together to share the experiences. That’s one of the things I’ve always loved about anime conventions.



MomoCon 2019

Overall, this year’s MomoCon was a success as far as the enjoyment factor and getting some fun coverage. I’m glad it turned out as great as it did and everyone I saw enjoyed their time there. I look forward to sharing what we captured during our time there and I can’t wait to check out the upcoming conventions this season. Thank you to everyone at MomoCon for having us this year. I look forward to attending in 2020.