Pre-MomoCon 2019

Oh MomoCon…so many memories.

Actually, I only have one set of memories from going to MomoCon - that’s when it was on the GA Tech campus and free, which was way back in 2010. My friend, Alex, and I decided to go on a whim. We didn’t really know what it was, but we were looking for something fun to so one weekend and we just happened to find out about it.

Funny story - back then, I had one of those GPS systems that you would mount on your car dashboard. That day, I put in the location for the convention and followed them to a T. As we got closer to downtown, the roads started to look a bit different from our suburban neighborhoods. With a few turns here and there, a bangin’ Childish Gambino playlist, and a wide-eyed wonderment of two excited Dragon Ball Z fans, we ended up turning into a literal dead end. HA! 

I remember Alex looking at me like, “This isn’t the con, ya doof!”I then looked at him with a quick look of concern, but tried to mask it with a fake confidence that I knew what to do in that moment. I double checked my phone and realized that the GPS took us to an outdated location, clearly. With a new sense of clarity and the correct address, we were now on our way to the actual con. I was pretty relieved that it was an easy fix. If not, we probably could have started our own impromptu con in that very location - The Wrong Turns con, No U-Turns Allowed con, You Didn’t Read Those Street Signs Either, Huh? con. I had a few names ready to go. 

Part of what makes going this year so special is it’ll be my first time going after such a long time and the con has gotten significantly bigger.

By bigger, I mean celebrity guests, special events (a night at the GA Aquarium, anyone?), video game tournaments, an entire room dedicated to arcade games, panels galore, concerts, special screening rooms for brand new and classic anime, cosplay workshops. The list goes on! 

What makes it even specialer (that’s not a word, I know), is the fact that I’m going to get coverage for the amazing new movement I’m a part of - ODDKAST. We’re a band of visionaries  that came to together to make our creative dreams a reality. 

One of my passions is indeed anime and conventions, so this fit is perfect. I’m looking forward to meeting the Atlanta and extended community of fellow convention fans. To be honest, I’m really excited about that video game room! There’s something about arcade games that speaks to my nerdy soul. 

Also, I’ll be there with a few of my fellow team members/friends, so it’ll be like hanging with some of my favorite people while capturing some great MomoCon moments to relive later and to share with all of you great people out there. 

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